Bach Prelude No. 1 with Graphics by Nikki Ty


A fusion of a baroque classic with my original computer graphics.  I am fascinated by mathematical patterns, fractils and the Divine order in nature.  Bach and the amazing computer graphic programs are like catnip to an eager feline armed with a mouse.  I bound from piano keys to computer keyboard like an inebriated rabbit.   So MUCH  …. so many things I can do.  I am ecstatic.

This simple and exquisite Prelude was included on the “Golden Record”  which in actuality was a copper disk containing sounds and images chosen to portray the diversity of life and culture on earth.  This amazing record was carried into the far reaches of space on the Voyager 1 and 2 missions in 1977.  Today as I write these lines, those spacecraft are way beyond Pluto, hurtling into the furthest reaches of space.  And to the best of our knowledge, have not yet been intercepted by curious space travellers from other galaxies.   Yet.  But when they are, the astonishing Golden Record will give a glimpse of life on earth, in 1977.

The Prelude and Fugue on the Golden Record were played by the Canadian Glenn Gould, arguably the greatest interpreter of Bach since the great master himself.    This version is, alas …. not Gould.   It is me.   But heck …. I did the drawings.   Entirely with my computer mouse.  Which is almost as sensitive as my old Rapidograph pen.   Ahaaaaa … technology.

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