Little Waltz in F Major

Little Waltz is a simple piece for beginning piano students.   The chord progressions are very easy  ….  the basic I  IV and V.     The student should be encouraged to find the right hand melody in the first and last portions and to play the accompaniment much softer.  In the middle, the melody switches to the left hand and the right hand chords must be whisper soft.

This is an excellent piece to practice the pedal since only one chord is used in each bar.   The simple “up/down” foot motion  ( described in my lesson on pedalling) on the first note of each bar will give a nice fluid tone.

The student should be encouraged to feel the melody and to exaggerate the ritardando and diminuendo at the end.

Little Waltz in F

Click to download full score


        This is an PDF file for standard sized paper.     Personal use only.  Do not re-publish without acknowledgment please.

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