Sucking the Joy out of Music …

       One of my reasons for launching the Happy Piano Professor, is to tackle the problem of so many unwilling and bored children being dragged to piano lessons.   Usually the first few lessons go reasonably well and then the decline sets in.   Something is sucking the joy out of music for these youngsters and it’s pretty clear to me that the blame lies with the teacher  who is all too often aided and abetted by ambitious and pushy parents.

     The real tragedy is that most children will fidget their way through an average of two to four years of music lessons and then when they’re released from this unwelcome experience, they’ll never touch a piano again.   What a waste of lessons and time and money!   But much sadder is that the opportunity to introduce great music and a love and appreciation for it has been squandered.  What a waste!

  There are several fronts on which to launch an attack and I’m armed and ready for this one-woman assault.    I’m going to cover as many issues as I can on these pages.   And I’ll be tossing in some fun stuff too.  Wonderful melodic music written especially for beginning students and ready for free downloads.  YouTube clips of actual lessons.  Lots of tricks, both musical and psychological.   Anything which can enrich and stimulate and encourage students to leap into a wonderful world of pure pleasure  …. 

   For an introduction to the upcoming series you can read “Sucking the Joy out of Lessons” posted  on the masthead of this site.   This static information page will give you an overview of the problems which I’ll be wrestling with.

  Aloha and Namaste to all    …..   the  Happy Professor

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1 Response to Sucking the Joy out of Music …

  1. Susan Hist says:

    Hi there, I so agree with yr comments about stuffy recitals not working, was looking to find out
    about your Piano Partys just the name sounds way better than a piano Recital. I have one coming up this weekend and would love to find some ways to make this event more fun and
    enjoyable for everyone.
    Thanks, Susan

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