Valse Triste

This is deceptively easy little waltz  with very simple chords accompanying a lovely melody.  It was written for  piano students of all ages who have just mastered two octaves worth of notes and are now in that woeful  ” donut gap”  between the boring and frequently dissonant  pieces such as “Johnny Jump Up ”  and the beautiful little gems by Mozart and Bach.

        Hold on everybody, I promise you it gets better once you’ve managed to plod through those first two or three Grade I or Grade II books.    And I’ll help you here on this site with as much melodic and easy music as I can compose.

Valse Triste Clip

I’ve uploaded this piece in a standard PDF  file format   ….   Just click this link below for the full score.

Valse Triste

  This will give you a nice legible score when printed on standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper.  If you use heavy white card stock, you’ll find the pages are durable and easy to flip through on the piano’s music rack. .   I use these loose sheets when I’m recording anything under five sheets in length so I can splay them out in a row on the piano for reference and they work like a charm.


The Happy Piano Professor





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