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Just an update on the progress of this site.   My goal here is twofold. 

 First to encourage both teachers and students of piano with the ultimate goal of bringing the love of good music to as many people as my cyber tentacles can reach.   There are many ways to engage young minds in learning and in making that experience a wonderful and exciting one.  I’ll be sharing hints and tips right here.   Along with some terrific new music written expressly for beginning students to fill in that gap between learning the notes and actually playing some of the wonderful early classics. 


♥ Hint :     Never use the words “Classic” or “Classical” with a young student.   Avoid mentioning Mozart too  …. just play the lovely piece you’ve chosen in an expressive and musical way and virtually all your students will slide smoothly into the classics without demur.

Oh yes  … I’m bavarcating a bit here.   Back to the basics …. which is UPDATES.

Todays note  is that I will soon be posting You Tube clips of  sample performances of each piano composition offered on this site.   So you can hear them before downloading the score here.   Future plans include individual lessons for each composition and alternate downloads of annotated music with hints for beginners.

Bookmark and wait with bated breath for the next posts  ….

The Happy Piano Professor

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