Ivanka … A Little Russian Song

This is a lovely little melody written in E minor which recalls some of the old Russian folk songs.   Written with only three chords in the left hand, it allows the student to concentrate on the right hand melody which ranges through a single octave

    There are a couple of finger “switches” in the right hand which are clearly marked in the score.   If the student is comfortable with pedalling, he may use one change per bar, with the exception of bars 8, 16 and the last one.  These measures require a change of pedal on each beat to keep the chords clean.

This piece is one of several written with very easy left hand chords.  It is a style which I’ve found nearly all students seem to prefer because it sounds harder than it is and they get a little confidence by playing something which allows them to show off a bit.

Start by learning and memorizing the three different left hand chords.   Then adding the melody will be much easier.      Enjoy.

Ivanka clip

Click on link below ↓ to download full score


   This is a well-formatted score written for easy reading.   Print on standard size heavy card stock for a durable and easy to handle score.

The Happy Piano Professor





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