Zipoli … A Lovely Baroque Piece

I am fascinated by Domenico  Zipoli …

Zipoli was a Baroque composer born in Italy in 1688.   At the age of 28 in spite of a prospering career as a composer in Rome,  he left Italy for Seville where he joined the “Society of Jesus”  in order to work in a Jesuit Mission, the  “Reductions of Paraguay.”   There he hoped to develop the  natural musical talents of the Guaranis,  a South American indigenous people.

Considering the time frame, his voyage in 1717 across the Atlantic with his vision of sharing music with local tribes in South America, was a remarkable feat of bravery and endurance.  He died in Cordoba ( now Argentina) in 1726   …. at the age of 38, leaving as his legacy a small but exceptionally beautiful collection of music including keyboard works and various hymns, two Masses and two complete oratorios.

The exquisite beauty of his music transcends most of the other composers of that era.  Not many of his works survive, but this remarkable resource provides Public Domain scores which can be downloaded.   I don’t have words to express my thanks for their generosity in making music available to everyone without charge.

IMSL International Music Score Library

A shortcut below to one of my favorites from this resource.


This is one of my favorite Zipoli pieces.    There are 13 lovely variations   …. the largest number in any of the editions of this particular work.  The popular student version contains only seven.      So you’re sure to have everything Zipoli included in this download.   They’re all lovely.

I will be posting this on You Tube soon and will provide the link.

Works for Harpsichord

This is a whole volume of Zipoli’s organ/harpsichord works from the same library.    The pieces download beautifully into the medieval “landscape” format, which I particularly like for its rather archaic feeling.    The page numbers however do not correspond with the printer specs.   Best to be generous with yourself and download the whole volume.  It’s less than 30 pages and it’s all wonderful music.   I chose card stock paper and can flick the sheets easily across the piano rack for recording.


The Happy Piano Professor

♥   For the historian, here’s a fascinating account of the Jesuit “Reductions” in South America.   An amazing concept which went beyond the usual evangelizing.

Music in the Jesuitic Reductions … Domenico Zipoli Ensemble





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