“Chicken Dance” … Putting the Fun Into Rameau

Okay ….  I have to come clean here.   I’m a specialist in Baroque music and to say I’m an afficionado of music of that era is understating the fact.   A few moments of beautifully rendered Bach, Rameau or Zipoli is enough to transport me smack out of my body and propel me into the realms of the angels.


But I’m also not fixated on the powdered and affected elegance of that epoche and relish a chance to share the vitality and fun of those times.   Yes much Baroque music was associated with the Church, which indeed paid the salaries of many composers and performers.

But the gigue, gavotte, chaconne, minuet, musette, passepied, rigaudon, sarabande and many other compositions were popular social dances.  The English even contributed the hornpipe to the roster.  The “suite” was a collection of these dances and french composers often chose an imitative theme such as Rameau’s “La poulet” ( The chicken) or the “Le rappel des oiseaux”  ( The call of the birds).

So how could I resist this link.   Rameau interpreted by a chicken.   Not a regular chicken   but a jumble of clever cartoon lines indicating somewhere within their boundaries   ……. a contemporary chicken.   Accompanied by an enchanting worm.



The Happy Piano Professor



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1 Response to “Chicken Dance” … Putting the Fun Into Rameau

  1. waikikian888 says:

    cluck cluck cluck cluck bakawk!

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