The Classical Typewriter




This is a delightful bit of whimsy.  The music was originally written in 1950 by Leroy Anderson as an orchestral score but gained huge popularity after Jerry Lewis’s brilliant and wickedly funny pantomimed performance in  “Who’s Minding the Store” released in 1963.  It has since been performed around the world by a variety of well known musicians ranging from Seiji Ozawa to Aerosmith’s lead singer Steve Tyler in a special 1999 Boston Pops concert.

Here’s the Jerry Lewis version.   To my mind, the best of all.


And here’s a version performed in Madrid by the Voces Para La Paz with Alfredo Anaya at the typewriter and Miquel Roa wielding the baton.   After the first rather disorganized bit, they manage to get it together for a charming and funny performance.




Enjoy   ….    The Happy Piano Professor.




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One Response to The Classical Typewriter

  1. ShimonZ says:

    Yes, it’s a charming piece of music. I had no idea it was connected to Jerry Lewis, but we hear it regularly here in Jerusalem, because it is the theme sound of a news round up, once a week. Thanks.

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