“From Cosmic Space” … A Unity Hymn

This lovely contemporary hymn combines classical harmonies with lyrics suggesting a connection between physics and mysticism.   Keeping in mind the fact that many church choirs today are composed of members without extensive formal training and that far too much contemporary music is written for Sopranos at the expense of the Altos, Tenors and Bass …  I have tried to avoid difficult intervals in each voice.  And have also tried to create “singing lines” which are easy to remember.

This hymn was originally written for the Unity Church of Hawaii.


Cosmos clip

Here is the link to the score.  Please feel free to download and share.

From Cosmic Space 

And to hear a “digital ” choir perform “From Cosmic Space”  here is a link to an audio file.  Please bear in mind that a digital recording provides a barely tolerable glimpse into what possibilities a live choir can explore. And of course the lyrics are replaced with a generic “ah”.   I hope to update this link eventually with a live performance


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