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“Lang Lang it … Get an Attitude!”

  “Just Lang Lang it  … get an attitude!” Every time I shout this “code” for energy and emotion to discourage a lackluster performance by a student who is either bored or adhering too strictly to standards of posture, counting … Continue reading

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“From Cosmic Space” … A Unity Hymn

This lovely contemporary hymn combines classical harmonies with lyrics suggesting a connection between physics and mysticism.   Keeping in mind the fact that many church choirs today are composed of members without extensive formal training and that far too much … Continue reading

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Those Pesky Dotted Notes

  “No no, dear … it’s One … Two and    …..   One Two and    …..   the dot comes on the second beat.” The teacher repeats this several times.   We demonstrate it a couple of times more. … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up Your “Presto”

You’ve been practicing a piece for several months and know every note.   You’ve brought it up to speed and even memorized it.  But there are still some sections … usually the faster ones … which are “murky”.  The notes … Continue reading

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Farinelli il Castrato

This remarkable movie filmed in 1994 won the Golden Globe award for foreign language films a year later.  It traces the career of Carlo Broschi (1715-1782) who was castrated as a child to preserve his voice and who, years later … Continue reading

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