Beautiful & Easy Recital Pieces … Free Downloads


Okay … I give up!  I surrender.  


Recital Bangirl piano

When you can’t beat ’em, then maybe it’s smarter to join ’em

So here’s the link to some beautiful free recital pieces 

Easy Pieces for Budding Pianists

By now, all my loyal readers are probably well aware  of my feelings about recitals. That in my crusade to encourage students to love music and enjoy it for the rest of their lives, I try to make their lessons a treat rather than an extension of their school work  And demanding a recital a couple of times a year is too often stressful rather than enjoyable for many students.

But if the tradition of piano recitals holds firm, then perhaps  I can meliorate the situation a bit by providing music which is both relatively easy to learn and is pleasing to the ear.  And offer a few hits and tips along the way.

So here I have decided to share some compositions written specifically for early level pianists.  There is very little well-written  music  for the beginning student with far too many unattractive dissonant mish mashes written to fill space in those early grade piano books. It is no wonder that so many  students’ interest begins to flag before they even have a chance to experience the sheer joy of playing beautiful music.

So I have composed a series of pieces which are pleasing to the ear and easy on the hands.  They are designed to smoothly segue into the early works by the masters with many familiar chord sequences and simple melodic lines. .   You will find no ugly dissonances to confuse the student.  And each piece is accompanied by a few tips and hints on any difficulties to be encountered.   I have also included a short You Tube clip which will show the student how each piece can sound when played well.    And as a bit of inspiration for the teacher too.

Best of all, I provide beautifully formatted sheet music for each piece.  If you print the music on heavy card stock, it is easy to turn pages and it will resist wear and tear.  I spent months learning the method of creating scores online which could be printed reliably and beautifully on home computers by everyone.  So please use them and enjoy.

And  … the pieces are ideally suited for those recitals I so disparage.

You can find the collection at my sister site ..

Please feel free to download and share.  The music is copyright ( © Nikki Ty-Tomkins )    but the only restriction I put is that any reprint or inclusion in other publications gives the proper attribution.  Enjoy!





2 Responses to Beautiful & Easy Recital Pieces … Free Downloads

  1. Judith Cunningham says:

    I just found this site and am thrilled. I’ve only been teaching a couple of years, but am finding myself humming “Rain is Falling Down” or “Charlie Chipmunk” in my sleep.

    Question: why do you not charge for these compositions? They could easily be a part of a recital collection?

    • nikkitytom says:

      Thank you so very much. It warms my heart when someone responds to these compositions … and I appreciate your suggestion for a possible “recital collection”.

      The sad truth is that publishing a collection of piano pieces and charging for it unfortunately limits the number of people who will actually play and enjoy my work. I had a composer friend in Amsterdam who published a beautifully produced book of his compositions. His sales for a year barely touched a couple of dozen copies, mostly purchased by his students. On the other hand, I see downloads of my work on this site reaching hundreds.

      For the small income earned by publishing, I lose the chance to see my work spreading around the world. If in a hundred years, a student somewhere on this little blue marble, plays one of my pieces possibly saved and downloaded by a grandparent … that is enough.

      My hero is a relatively unknown Italian Baroque composer named Domenico Zipoli … who journeyed to Paraguay as a Jesuit priest in 1717 to share his music with native tribes. His beautiful compositions were found and published in the early 1900’s. He haunts me as an example of pure love of music.

      But … your question has set me thinking a bit. If I self-publish, I could offer the book on my site for those who want the full collection while still keeping my copyright and the opportunity to download individual pieces free. It’s a thought!

      Thank you 👍

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