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“From Cosmic Space” … A Unity Hymn

This lovely contemporary hymn combines classical harmonies with lyrics suggesting a connection between physics and mysticism.   Keeping in mind the fact that many church choirs today are composed of members without extensive formal training and that far too much … Continue reading

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Repeat Repeat and REPEAT!

. Yesterday I found myself woefully entangled in a contemporary fugue with complicated fingering.  It apparently was composed on MuseScore using an electronic sound device which was erroneously labeled as an  “accoustic piano”.  This horrible digital instrument merely recorded and spit back the appropriate notes in … Continue reading

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Zipoli … A Lovely Baroque Piece

I am fascinated by Domenico  Zipoli … Zipoli was a Baroque composer born in Italy in 1688.   At the age of 28 in spite of a prospering career as a composer in Rome,  he left Italy for Seville where he joined … Continue reading

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