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“You Vill Zank me Zomeday”

It was the Banff scholarship which finally ended my father’s promise to match the value of any award I  won.   It was a six-week summer session at the Banff School of Fine Arts and included everything but the plane fare.   … Continue reading

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Teaching … the Sacred Path

I remember the day the piano was delivered to our home.   Two husky men hauled it into our living room and unwrapped yards of brown canvas to reveal a shiny brown Willis upright which Mom later informed me had cost an … Continue reading

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The Accidental ” Accidentals”

 Accidental Accidents      Magdalena was one of my first students after I moved to Hawaii. And she quickly became one of my favorites. A tiny little Eurasian girl with a quiet twinkle in her eyes, she was a model of … Continue reading

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Petite Gigue

    This is a lively little piece written in the style of a popular baroque dance which had its origins with the British jig.   Bach wrote many of these delightful pieces.   The main difficulty is the typically baroque  “non-stop” … Continue reading

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